jue. Oct 29th, 2020

Peruvian Parade INC

Parada Peruana de New Jersey


Peruvian Parade, Inc. is a Non-Profit 501(c)(3) organization, founded on April 20, 1986 and registered as
Corporation in the State of New Jersey. Its principal objective is to organize events to commemorate the
Independence Day of Peru. These events takes place in the months of June and July and culminate with a
spectacular parade that starts in the town of Passaic, passes through Clifton, and ends in the city of Paterson
where a Peruvian Festival serves as the closing event of the celebration.

This year, our institution will be celebrating its 33st anniversary! It has been thirty-three years of hard work
and great accomplishments. After 33 years of continuous celebration, these exciting events, which started
only as a celebration of Peruvian culture, now enjoy the participation of nearly every community living in the
Passaic County area. Our Parade it is the largest Parade in the State of New Jersey. It has great appeal to all
audiences because of the diversity of our culture, music, folklore and food. The Parade is broadcast annually
on local and Peruvian networks and is covered in all of the local newspapers. It attracts thousands of
participants and spectators, estimated last year to be over 60,000 viewers, including Peruvians which come
from New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Washington, Florida and other states. After 33 years, we are
enjoying the harvest from the seeds planted by our founders and hope that future generations continue to
grow our mission.


The mission of Peruvian Parade, Inc. is to preserve, promote and make known our culture, customs, traditions,
music, folklore and the richness of our gastronomy. Additionally, our organization provides free seminars to
its membership and general community, including health, educational training, drug awareness and other
social programs throughout the year.


Celebrations are starting early this year. Besides the Parade and Festival, Peruvian Parade, Inc. will be hosting
additional events to help celebrate our 33
th anniversary in May and June prior to the traditional Independence
Day celebration events in July. Please see our Event Calendar for 2019 below.






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